CABLOFIL is the most versatile cable tray Since its introduction 40 years ago, CABLOFIL has revolutionised Electrical and Telecommunication Cable support systems. CABLOFIL is one of the safest and most economical cable support systems available. Made from welded steel wires, CABLOFIL meets the strictest of safety standards, and satisfies the customer’s need for reliability and fast economical installation. CABLOFIL® is a full Cable Management solution FAST - Fast coupling solution without nuts and bolts - Time saving for more economy COMPLETE RANGE - For every environments - For any type of installations - For any type of activities EASY - Fixings without hardware on profiles and brackets - Secure by bending the fastening tab > No more nuts and bolts QUALITY - The most tested and certified cable tray - The most specified cable tray in the world > 40 years of sales & technical assistance SECURE - For CABLES - For INSTALLERS - For INSTALLATIONS > Natural ventilation of cables > Cleanliness with no retention of dust ECONOMICAL - Cable Management made on-site - Time saving, forget about specifics development! > No more specific products for derivations > No more missing products on-site AVAILABLE - 2000 items in stock - 8 regional hubs worldwide - more than 2000 distributors > … and our service with the same quality for our products are available in more than 60 countries around the world PERFORMANCE - Maximum strength - Guaranteed span of 2 meters between supports > In conformity with European and International standards CEI/61537 & VDE/639  
8 good reasons to prefer CABLOFIL