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CabloCAD - The best solution to design your Cable Tray

04/01/2010 - GB - English

  CabloCAD, the special tool from CABLOFIL® will help you design your cable routes for all type of applications.    CabloCAD is a powerfull software working with most of the CAD softwares on the market (Computer Aid Design). By installing this dedicated Add-On, you will have access to the largest range of Wire Mesh Cable Trays in the world. CABLOFIL® offers you a powerfull and ergonomic software to design your cable route with cable trays, supports and complex mountings with the opportunity to differentiate the surface treatments used.

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8 good reasons to choose CABLOFIL

03/01/2010 - UN - English

Nowadays, you have access to the most specified and sold Wire Mesh Cable Tray in the world. CABLOFIL® is not only a product, but it gives you access to an entire world of cable tray solutions and systems!

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Save loads with 2 metre spans - Hot choice of containment in Poundbury Fire Station

23/12/2009 - GB - English

Never have cost saving solutions been more relevant! Cablofil wire cable tray is designed to minimise the number of brackets required on a project. See how you can save on material and labour times in this month’s newsletter. Also Cablofil is the contractor’s preferred choice for containment at the Fire & Rescue Service HQ in Poundbury. Discover everything about this hot project!

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Save Loads with 2 metre spans

Save Loads with 2 metre spans

10/12/2009 - GB - English

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Technical Guide - The tool for the security of your installation

23/11/2009 - UN - English

The new Technical Guide talks users through load bearing, safety, coupling and supports for the system, highlighting test results where appropriate, and advises on the different surface treatments available within the Cablofil range, offering guidance on selecting the most appropriate product for different environments. It provides essential best practice and safety information, including sections on electromagnetic compatibility, electrical continuity, fire resistance and fire protection, outlining independent test data. Finally, the guide concludes by providing help with specifying and designing Cablofil installations, signposting users to the proprietary tools, (Cablosoft, Cablocad and e-catalogue).

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23/11/2009 - CN - English

还在为如何将桥架精准上图而烦恼么?还在苦苦计算各种桥架直段、弯通的用量么? 现在卡博菲推出了全新的网格式桥架设计工具CabloCAD,这是一款兼容2008及其以下各版本的CAD软件的设计工具。通过在CAD软件中安装加载此工具,您可以轻松将网格式桥架上图,并可自由选择各种规格、各种表面处理和各种安装方式,而且此工具还会帮助您自动计算桥架用量,生成产品配置清单。

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Reduce your installation costs

24/09/2009 - GB - English

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Reduce your installation costs - Eco-Friendly factory fuels

12/09/2009 - GB - English

It's back to school time so in this newsletter let Cablofil give you a lesson in how to reduce your installation costs! Take a look at our Fasclic® product where couplers are pre-installed, meaning install times are reduced, and less components are required! Also in this month’s case study, learn how a North Wales contractor manages to make significant savings using Cablofil over a traditional perforated cable tray system. Make sure you become top of the class and make Cablofil your cable containment of choice!

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03/09/2009 - CN - English


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CABLOFIL UK discusses the importance of sustainability in the electrical industry

15/06/2009 - GB - English

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