Sustainable development Sustainable development, once the preserve of legislators and governments, has become a fact of life for all stakeholders within society. Today's project managers, whether in an industrial, services or infrastructure context, need to respect the environment and consider the human impact of their actions. CABLOFIL® is fully aware of these issues and behaves responsibly across all its sites and organisational structures. The company also extends this approach to its partners, with a view to developing a lasting commitment in this area. PRODUCT DESIGN Health and environment - 100% recyclable steels - Improving use of raw materials by 20% - Reducing carbon footprint associated width manufacturing and transportation - Ensuring surface treatments comply with the RoHS Directive IMPROVED ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Continuous improvement of manufacturing processes - ISO 9001 - Improving installation time and energy consumption on-site - Reducing electricity consumption by improving cable ventilation SITE MANAGEMENT : ISO 14001 - Raising awareness amongst personnel of  environmental management at sites - Reducing noise pollution through the use of sound-proof rooms - Ensuring more than 50% of industrial waste is recycled, with no use of landfill - Retaining, filtering and treating fumes - Controlling water consumption - closed cooling sustem
Sustainable development